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Wondering how to hack Viber? Although a contentious subject prone to much debate, hacking someone’s Viber account is not considered illegal in a few countries.

Due to some of the other circumstances, you may require hacking it at some point in time. It could be to ensure your kid’s safety online or when you suspect the questionable conduct of your employee.

The reasons may be many, but the primary question is how to hack Viber without target phone. If it is even possible? The simple solution here is using reliable and trusted spy apps like NEXSPY.

Contrary to popular claims by people advertising hacker services, it is not possible to hack someone’s Viber account without the device. It is often wise to stay away from such scam artists who mint money using your insecurities and vulnerabilities.

The best Viber spy app to hack Viber

Some of the powerful spy apps like NEXSPY have many features that make it possible to hack someone’s Viber account. NEXSPY has garnered popularity and positive fame over the years as an android, iOS, and PC monitoring source.


One of the most critical reasons attributing to its popularity is the fact that it stays undetected on the target’s device. Want to know how to hack someone’s Viber account without them knowing about it? NEXSPY is your answer.

But before dwelling on how to hack Viber messages, it is essential to understand an important aspect. It is the fact that you will need the target’s phone for installing the app.

It is an easy feat to achieve as you can install and download it in just a few minutes. The app stays undetected, and you can monitor the person’s Viber account activities and messages from anywhere and at any time.

How to hack viber without target phone using NEXSPY?

The steps are quite simple, and even if you are entirely new to hacking, you can still spy your target’s Viber activity using NEXSPY. First, you need to visit their official website and create your account with a username and password.

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

Then you must install the app on their cell phone. It just takes a minute or two. Then enter your username and password. Once it is set up, you must hide the app's shortcut to remain undetected.

You can log in to your account online and monitor the target’s cell phone activities on your dashboard. Thus, you can hack someone’s Viber account using this spy app.

Keylogging is the most critical feature of NEXSPY. It is this aspect of the app that enables you to hack someone’s Viber account without them knowing.

You can even hack someones messages as you receive a regular notification on your online dashboard. Using the app does not involve jailbreaking of iOS or rooting of Android devices.

Not just Viber, you can hack all their social media accounts active on their cell phone. The keylogger also enables you to keep track of the texts they type and numbers they dial.

keylog social

It also extends to finding passwords they enter to access their accounts. When keeping track of your children’s whereabouts and friends, you can rely on this method to monitor their Viber activity.

Making use of positively reputed spy apps like NEXSPY hacking Viber messages becomes simple. Accessing data in real-time by spying all their cell phone activities through the app is the most legal means of hacking. It is instrumental when you suspect that your children are misusing their Viber accounts.

Highlight features of the Viber Spy App

Apart from hacking Viber, you can also track their location using the device’s GPS. Employers can use this feature to keep track of their employees when they are out on business.

Also, when you suspect they are sharing confidential information with your competitors, you can conveniently track their call logs and emails. You can also read their deleted messages and call logs on your NEXSPY account’s dashboard.

feature nexspy

NEXSPY is developed by employing pioneering solutions revolving around data-encryption and cyber-security. It means, the app makes use of the SS7 procedure by intercepting it.

Once you have installed the spy app on your target’s device, NEXSPY takes over the task of accessing their phone. It also enables you to download their cell phone activity, including taking screenshots of the phone.

The cell phone tracker software is compatible with most of the Android, iOS, and PCs. Apart from the abovementioned salient features, NEXSPY provides 100% privacy to users along with confidentiality.

The end-to-end encryption mechanism safeguards your information from the target, making it impossible for them to identify the app user.

Important pointers to consider

However, there are certain elements you need to consider like deleting the app's icon and shortcut from the target device. To ensure the proper functioning of the app for hacking Viber account, make sure that your browser is updated.

Also, it is imperative to note that you need uninterrupted internet connectivity while hacking someone’s Viber profile.


Accessing the device via the spy app is controlled through a web-interface. Thus, it is essential to have enough disk space on your PC.

For instance, depending on the information you download on your dashboard, you may require at least 1 GB of disk space.

Another salient feature you need to consider here is that the software continually checks for viruses with its anti-virus tool. Hence, all the archive you download is safe for your PC.

Accessing information is quite easy where you can control it via the online dashboard. It is convenient to look for the information you seek right from keylogging to capturing screenshots.
NEXSPY is, thus the most potent and convenient app. You can make use of it to hack the Viber account of your children or employees.

The user-friendly interface makes it possible for you to use its features with ease even when you have no prior experience. The features depicted as elements on your dashboard are easy to interpret.

You can do a lot more with NEXSPY. Right from hacking Viber, Facebook accounts of your children to track your employee’s activities.

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