How To Use Apple’s Instant Hotspot Feature?

by David


We all have friends who have iPhones. iPhones, when came for the first time, made the entire world crazy.

On the first selling day of the iPhone, you must have heard the news of people is standing in queues since midnight to buy the iPhones. These iPhones are the product of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that develops and sells electronic devices and computer services.

Apple considered being one of the four most famous technological units following Amazon, Google and Facebook. Apple Inc. earlier known as Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

The company was founded in 1976. Since then the company has produced various products. These are Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV,

HomePod, macOS, iOS, watchOS, iLife, tvOS, iWork, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and GarageBand.

All these products provide different services and are known for various features.

All these are a part of either a smartphone, tablet computer or personal computer. Apple is the world’s largest company based on revenues.

The business is spread worldwide and so the company has the largest revenues.

What is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is an inbuilt feature of the mobile phone to act as a device that can provide wireless networks.

A mobile hotspot allows the mobile owner to create wifi. This wifi can be accessed by nearby people. The availability of a hotspot will be shown on the phone in the form of the sign of wifi.

So let’s say your friend needs to have access to data and he does not have cellular data on his phone. What you have to do is turn on your mobile’s hotspot.

The hotspot will appear on your friend’s phone.

However, to access it, he would need the hotspot password. Just share the password with your friend, and he can use it then. Hotspot now has replaced wifis in public places, offices, buildings etc.

So if you have the proper hardware and proper software, your device can turn into a personal hotspot.

What is Apple’s instant hotspot feature?

Apple also provides the hotspot feature in its various Apple devices.

The instant hotspot lets the users share the data from the iPhone or iPad with other iPhone or Apple devices.

This instant hotspot can also be connected to your computer and tablet.

Note that this feature is available on iPhone only with iOS 8 or later developed software and an iPad with wifi + cellular models with iOS 8 or later developed software.

The devices of Apple that can access this hotspot also need to have iOS or later developed software.

Here is the list of devices that can provide the hotspot feature.

  • iPhone 5 and later developed versions
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad ( the fourth version of iPad and later developed versions)
  • iPad Air and later developed software
  • iPad Mini and later developed software

It is better if the device that you use to create a hotspot and the device you are accessing this hotspot with, have the same Apple ID. Thus Instant Hotspot allows you to create your personal hotspot and access it without the trouble of entering a password.

How does Instant Hotspot feature of Apple works?

Let us learn how to use Apple’s instant hotspot feature say on macOS, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Click on the wifi icon on the menu bar.

Step 2: It will then display a list of available networks. Choose your iPhone to create a personal hotspot.

Step 3: Now you can access this hotspot on your other device by opening the settings option.

Step 4: Under settings click on wifi.

Now your hotspot feature is ready to use.

Pros and cons of Apple’s Instant hotspot?

The first advantage of a mobile hotspot is that it serves as an anytime anywhere wifi network.

What is needed is cellular data. If you have cellular data your phone can serve as wifi for others to have access to data.

The hotspot feature allows you to use data not only on smartphones but also on computers and laptops.

This personal hotspot also provides you with an easy, quick and secured wifi rather than using an unsecured wifi network.

Moreover, since you can share your data with your other devices, you are using a single data plan.

However, Apple’s Instant Hotspot has its problems. It is a fact that personal hotspots are not faster than the wifi at home. Since the speed of connection is important, some people resort to wifi packages.

One of the major problems with the Apple device is its battery drain. When you use the personal hotspot feature, the battery starts dying fast.

So if you are using the personal hotspot, you need to have a charger with you or a power bank.

Since you are letting your other Apple devices to use the data, the data also gets used up fast.

Moreover, a low data pack may not even allow you to share hotspot with other devices.

Thus it is advisable to use a VPN network. VPN refers to a method of creating a secured network.


Note that this personal hotspot on Apple devices can be created via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

Most people create hotspot via Wi-fi. As mentioned before, you need to connect to the wi-fi and feed the password.

The case of hotspot via Bluetooth also works the same. However, it needs a little more configuration.

For this, you also need to connect your Bluetooth in the devices. The third is the easiest and a better way.

For making hotspot via USB one need to connect the iOS device to the macOS device. Here the tethering is shared without using passwords.

Moreover, as we have read earlier that using hotspot leads to battery drain, the connection via USB helps to maintain a good battery in your iPhone device.

Thus by carefully choosing between this three one can learn how to use Apple’s Instant Hotspot feature.

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