How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number without Them Knowing?

by David

For one reason or another, a lot of people need to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who want or need to do it, then this article is for you.

Put simply, in this article, we will explain some practical ways on how to track someone discretely. So if you want to learn more about these and more, read on!

The need for tracking someone’s phone location

Tracking someone’s phone is never a good idea, but there are some cases where you should do it – just because you need to. There are actually lots of possible reasons why you might want to try and track someone. Here are some of the possible reasons why you might want to track someone:


If you’re an employer, it is possible that you might be afraid of fraud and cybercrimes happening all around you. When money is involved in fraud or crime, then your business might greatly be affected.


On the other hand, if someone finds that your company is a possible target, there is a huge chance that your data will be stolen. Because your employees handle some necessary events and information about the company, they might cheat at any time.

This is now where the need for tracking them enters. You can use various tracking apps that will let you track a phone’s whereabouts without them knowing. With these, you will be able to know the whereabouts of your employees. You will know if they are talking to your competitors.


Nowadays, kids refuse to listen to their parents, thinking they know everything about the world. Being parents, our words become more like lectures to them, instead of a solution. That having said, you might try to punish your children or they will do the same thing after a while.


Furthermore, if you have given your children smartphones at an early age, then for sure, it’ll make you even more concerned about what they are doing. Your children might be spending too much of their time on social media talking to various strangers.

As a parent, you would want to save them from any possible bad things to happen. After all, no parents would want their children to be a cyberbullying victim.

Is it possible to track someone by cell phone number?

You might be wondering if there really is a way on how to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. Here’s the truth: there are actually no third-party apps, which may allow you to track someone by their cell phone number.

Except when you added these applications in-app and they have allowed you to track them with their cell phone numbers, or you are working for the government and gathered a valid warrant in doing so.

Put simply, it isn’t possible to track someone by cell phone number. But, relax, there are some tracking applications out there that you might found beneficial. Nevertheless, just one caution: It is never recommendable that you track someone by cell phone number. Doing it for a valid reason is necessary.

Ways to track someone by cell phone number

A lot of people are willing to pay for apps that promise to track someone. However, finding a good one might be a challenge. Good thing, there is one tracking application that you can greatly rely on. We will get to that later, let us first discuss some other ways on how to track a cell phone location without installing the software.

1. Call the network provider

Different network providers store call logs. That just means that you may ask some questions regarding particular calls. Nevertheless, they only provide the city and the state where the call was made and that is the only information that they might be able to share with you, even though you have your account fully authenticated.

Moreover, you might also try and ask them to look up the cell phone number listed on their system to check if something appears. This is the case if the cell phone number is of the same provider as you are. Agents might provide you only the name of the owner, yet this might already be enough for you to have an idea who’s calling you.

2. Hack the phone

It is possible for you to track a phone through a cell phone number – only if it is yours. What you may do is hack someones phone using a tracking app. Bear in mind that this app might ask for more details to make sure that the cell phone is, certainly, yours.

3. Use the CNAM Lookup tool

The CNAM Lookup tool is available on the web. You can track someone using this. If someone you don’t know is calling you and turns out to be a robot-operated, the number will not show any details.

However, if someone actually owns it, it’ll show the name, and location of the owner. Nonetheless, the information that you see may not be accurate, hence it is necessary to check some other lookup tools if they have the same results.

4. Subscribe to a Caller ID identifier

Most telecom providers have special caller ID identifier, yet it comes with a hefty price. However, with what you are going to compensate, you will get to know the location of the cell phone number of someone.

How to track someone’s location using their cell phone number?

As told before, it is possible to track someone just by using their cell phone number. How? Well, there are actually different ways on how to do this, including the use of Google Maps, location tracking service from cell phone carriers, and IMEI tracking, among others.

track someone

Nevertheless, the use of a cell phone tracking application is the most effective way of doing so. These cell phone tracking applications enable someone to connect to a cell phone remotely and view its data.

The information that may be seen includes real-time GPS location, call logs, hack text messages, applications installed, videos, photos, and many others. The GPS location feature is commonly updated every 10 to 15 minutes. It also provides the approximate location of the cell phone on Google Maps.

With the map location of the phone and some other phone data, you may easily find someone. What’s the good thing about this is that they work on most smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS.

The step to track someone’s location using their cell phone number

The process on how to track someone’s location by cell phone number may differ slightly, depending on the tracking application that you purchase. Below is the general process of how you can use one.

  • Install the application

The process of installation may differ from a tracking app to another. Commonly, you will click on a link that is provided by the company, and then enter your product license key, as well as the phone number that you want to track.

  • Extract the phone information

Once you are done installing the tracking application, the data of the phone will be automatically extracted and will be backed up. This information, comprising the real-time location of the phone, might be uploaded into the dashboard of the application.

  • Track the person you are looking for

In order for you to track someone’s location, you must log in to the application account and then view its GPS location coordinates. Tracking applications are commonly user-friendly, thus making it easier to find the information that you are looking for. With its GPS location, you may now track the whereabouts of the person you are looking for.

App to Track Phone without Them Knowing

NEXSPY - The best tracking application

Nowadays, there are lots of tracking applications out there in the market. A lot of them boast of their different features, which are in truth, not even functional at all. If you want to try using a tracking application to track a cell phone location without them knowing, then I highly suggest you use NEXSPY.


NEXSPY is a very reliable, one-stop tracking application that does more than what you expect it to be. From employee monitoring to parental control, NEXSPY has the capacity to cover all the areas of monitoring and/or tracking.

With NEXSPY, you might be able to monitor online activities, record incoming and outgoing calls, monitor messages, and more. It is also a great application that updates constantly with amazing features.

It was developed by reliable and experienced developers, hence there is an assurance that it is capable of delivering everything that it claims to deliver. When it comes to its features, the app may offer a complete set of tracking various phone information.

  • Online Activities

You might be able to keep track of someone’s online activities, as well as their social media activities. You’ll be supplemented with regular reports and check out everything that you are interested in in the target’s online happenings.

  • Multimedia Files

NEXSPY has an astounding stealth camera feature, which allows you to take over someone’s phone camera without them knowing it. Through this amazing feature, every time a picture is taken by the camera of the target phone, the picture will be sent to you directly.

  • Record Calls

You can record and/or monitor VoIP calls through the NEXSPY app. Hence, all of the communication activities that are made on applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber, among others, are easily monitored.

  • SMS Chats

NEXSPY has the capacity to record and keep read someone’s text messages. This will include the sender’s phone number, name, date and time of receiving, as well as the message sent.

  • Phone Calls & Contacts

You may be surprised as to how easy this application may keep track of someone’s call logs and contacts. You might be able to know the precise time and date when calls were made and it might even have the capability to listen on a live conversation.

Not just that, it will also let you know how to secretly track a cell phone location for free! Yes, you read it right, you can use the aforementioned amazing features for free because it has a 3-day free trial.

How to use NEXSPY in tracking someone by cell phone number without them knowing?

As you may know by now, NEXSPY is the best cell phone tracker application without permission. Now, you might be pondering how to use it in tracing someone by cell phone number without the target knowing. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

    1. Get License and Login Credentials

The first thing that you will need to do is to purchase a NEXSPY Premium license. You can buy this on their official website. You shouldn’t worry about the operating system you and/or the target phone is running. You can install the NEXSPY app on various platforms.

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

Remember, each platform has its own billing price. If you want to try their service for free to know if it is legit or not, the application offers a 3-day free trial. Here, you will get to experience all the amazing features of the NEXSPY Premium plan.

After making a purchase, you’ll receive your login credentials via email. Therefore, it is necessary that you use your real e-mail address in your purchase.

    2. Install NEXSPY Application on the Target Phone

After you receive your login credentials, go to and login to your account. Throughout the installation process, you might need to get the target phone in your hands.

Install nexspy
activate code
Clear Browser

Download the NEXSPY application, install it on the target phone. After installing, open the app and enter the license, which you received in your email when starting the app.

Remember to clear the download and browser history of the phone so that no traces of your doings will be left behind. You will only need about 5 minutes to do all of these.

    3. Track Data via the Control Panel

feature nexspy

When you are done with the installation, you may begin viewing its data and track someone by cell number without them knowing. To do that, log in to the NEXSPY portal. You can do this with any web browsers anytime, anywhere.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

For a phone tracker to work on an Android or iPhone, you must make it installed on that device first obviously. And to install the app, you have to have the phone on your hand (because obviously the victim won’t install a spy app on his/her smartphone willingly knowing what it does), and do it yourself.

Theoretically, you can inject a spy app by sending it as a payload attaching with an innocent-looking image file through WhatsApp or other messenger apps. Once the person taps on the image file, the hidden payload will start installing itself in the background without alerting the victim.

This is possible in theory, but as you can clearly see that it won’t work most of the time because too many factors are involved.

Top 3 apps to track a cell phone location

How does a phone tracker app work?

​Using a phone tracker app probably the easiest thing one ever did on a smartphone as it doesn’t need any intervention to work, it’s like ‘set and forget’. Once you install it, it will start working on its own and will continue to monitor every possible activity being carried over with that phone.

Unless, of course, the victim does a factory reset, in that case, the spy app will be removed from the phone, and you have to install it again on the target phone by accessing it physically.

It’s up to you what you want to monitor with such apps as most of the known spy apps track almost everything you ever need. From call interception to SMS, from camera photos to the file manager, from the contact list to browsing history, from instant messaging (WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.) to real-time location, each and everything can be tracked by a good spy app while hiding itself inside the phone.

Almost every spy app send the monitoring report via multiple ways, through SMS, email, and web platform. You can choose to review the tracking report from your email or by logging in to the web account any time you want and can get the real-time update by SMS to your phone as well.

The target phone needs to be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or mobile data for you to receive the tracking update as an offline smartphone can’t be tracked obviously. 

Here we will discuss a few popular tracking apps and will compare their features, prices, etc. so that you can take an informed decision while selecting the best app to track phone without them knowing. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. mSpy

This is probably the most popular tracking app available in 2019, and there’s some good reason behind its popularity.



  • Location tracking: It can locate the target phone with high accuracy, and update you via SMS in real-time.

  • Geo-fencing: You will get notified once the phone crosses a pre-determined zone. Notifications will be delivered by email or SMS instantly. You can set unlimited such areas in your account dashboard.

  • Call log monitoring: You can check the log of each and every incoming and outgoing call of the device you’re targeting. This is a handy feature if you want to know who the people your little kid is befriending with.

  • Incoming call restriction: If you suspect some numbers, you can prevent incoming calls from those specific numbers to your kids mobile; hence keeping them safe from being contacted with potential harms.

  • Social media and instant messaging apps monitoring: Today, social media is prevalent, and even kids are actively participating in such platforms and using various instant messaging apps. Kids even tend to put false DoB to register themselves as adults and get themselves exposed to numerous potential threats. mSpy would help you by monitoring each and every message, update, post, and comment they are sending and receiving with their phone.



Despite being a newer player in the market compared to other apps in this list, NEXSPY already has shown immense potential to be a tough contender. With many unique features and a great price point, it’s the new favorite for many people who wants the best GPS phone tracker app.


  • The most accurate GPS tracking: Unlike other apps, NEXSPY combines multiple factors like GPS positioning, cell tower location, and IP address to track the device location within just few meters. This is a very unique feature that will be most useful for the parents who want to know every whereabout of their children.

  • Geo-fencing: Create unlimited geo-areas and get notified instantly whenever your kid crosses the border of a particular zone. Most useful for those who want to keep an eye if their kids are really at the place where they are supposed to be at a given time.

  • Internet activities: Be it browsing history or youtube video, saved bookmarks or Wi-Fi connection history, everything you’ll know inside your user account. There is nothing your kid can hide while they are doing anything online with their phone, period.

  • Call recording: Apart from getting the call history log, you can also choose to listen to what they are talking with other people. This is another unique benefit of NEXSPY that will save the call recordings as audio files inside your account for you to listen to. You can choose to call recording for every incoming and outgoing call, or you can select some specific numbers.

  • Keylogger: Now every password and every login details are there for you to see, no single account of your children will be hidden from your caring eyes, no matter what the site or app it is. With keylogger function, you will be able to see every keystroke made on the target device.

  • Surrounding listening: This is probably the most powerful feature of this app, which will enable you to listen whatever your kids are saying or any other sound around them, giving you a perfect picture of where they are and what they are doing exactly. This feature makes use of the phone’s microphone and starts capturing any sound around the phone and send you the recording in real-time.


3. Hoverwatch


Another app in our list is Hoverwatch, and though it may not seem as feature-rich as the previous two, it doesn’t mean it’s any slouch either. Almost all the standard features a good tracking app should offer, you’ll get them all from this app.


  • Phone location tracking: It tracks the phone’s location in real-time, and show you the exact location on a map.
  • Call recorder and SMS tracking: The app will record every call (or some particular calls) and save as HD quality audio files for you to download from the user area. Also, it keeps copies of all the messages. Nothing will go unnoticed, you can rest assured.
  • Browser history tracking: It’s a standard feature that you’ll get in any tracking app. however, unlike other apps, this app works in all the major phone browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Facebook message tracking: Every messenger and facebook posts made by your kid will be in front of your eyes, so you won’t have to wonder what’s he or she up to!
  • Hacking on WhatsApp messages: Like Facebook, parents will receive copies of all the WhatsApp chats of their child.
  • Sim change detection: Is your kid smart enough to change the sim card before talking/messaging with some particular people? No more. This app will detect the sim change and will alert you instantly.
  • Camera tracking: Whenever the device is unlocked by a user, the app will take a selfie of the user using the front camera and save it to your account. It will help in case of detecting any unauthorized access.
  • Screenshot monitoring: You can set the app to take a screenshot of the device at a regular interval so that you can learn what app your kid is using and when.

Device compatibility​

All three apps are compatible for both Android and iOS; hence, device compatibility shouldn’t be an issue regardless which app you select. NEXSPY works on both PC and Mac along with mobile devices giving it a bit edge over the other two apps in the compatibility section.

Price comparison​

All three apps mentioned above are premium apps, and they cost monthly/yearly subscription fee. So, people who just want to have some “fun,” can look for other free apps that have far fewer features – these apps in our list are for those who have serious needs and don’t mind to pay the price.

The first app, mSpy, has three packages starting from $29.99 and can go up to $69.99 per month. The pricing structure of mSpy is a bit complicated, it’s better to talk to a live support agent on their site to decide the best package for you.

NEXSPY - our second contender, has a more straightforward plan of payment based on monthly, quarterly, and yearly – which starts from $19 per month only if you go annual basis.

The last app from our list is Hoverwatch, and it will set you back for a minimum of $8.33 (personal plan, yearly basis).

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

Apart from using NEXSPY or some other tracking applications, you can also track someone’s location without installing any software or app. How? Keep on reading!

1. Find My iPhone

This is Apple’s application specialized in tracking location. In order to use this tool, the iPhone you are going to track should have it installed. It is necessary so that you can make the most of this tool.

Find My iPhone

With this application, you may easily to track an iphone without them knowing. It is capable of giving you precise results. You can use this tool from both the web browser, phone, and another iPhone.

2. Find My Device

Tracking an Android device can’t be much easier with this app. This is actually one of the best tools that are available in tracking someone’s location.

Find My Device

What’s more, this may be used for free. This just means that you do not need to pay even a single cent to use it. This is amongst the major reason why the tool is very popular amongst users.

3. Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile

In order to use the Find My Mobile service, you should have a Samsung device. Before you begin using the service, you should install it on the target phone.

Bear in mind that this service may work only on Samsung devices. In case you’re using a different smartphone, then try some other options.

Final say - be an ethical tracker!

It is a serious offense if you breach someone’s privacy. It’s up to you in guaranteeing that you use any tracking application in an ethical manner.

You should take time to learn about the laws in a locality, as they may be different from one place to another. Make sure that you’re on the ethical side.

Here are some of the most common instances of how tracking applications are employed in an ethical and legal way:

  • Parents tracking their children’s phone activities without their consent.

  • Employers tracking employees’ activities, with their consent, to help improve business productivity.

  • Two consenting adults agreeing to monitor each other’s phone.

It is just right to track someone’s cell phone, so long as you’re on the right track and you’re doing it in a lawfully and ethical manner. Bear in mind that it is never right that you breach other people’s privacy without them knowing.

If you are tracking someone legally and ethically, choose NEXSPY, as this comes at a very affordable price! Not only that, but they also offer 24/7 customer service support. They’re always available to listen and address any concerns you have.

Remember, NEXSPY does not support any kind of illegal activity and suggest that you use the app in a legal and ethical way, specifically for children or employees only. Have a safe legal tracking, everyone!

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