How to Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location for Free?

by David

Is it really possible to track a mobile’s location using the number only? No matter how weird this question sounds, the answer is yes. You definitely can track a cellphone’s location - all you need to know the phone number only, and that’s it.

Today, we will tell you a few very amazing tips on how to secretly track a cell phone location for free; some may require you to pay for some specific apps or services.

However, here we want to put a little disclaimer that you don’t want to use these technics to know somebody’s location whom you don’t know personally or who doesn’t belong to your family or friends, without his or her permission.

Doing that will be considered a threat to one’s privacy, and that’s a severe offense in most countries, depending on where you live. If you understand the warning and are willing to take the plunge, you can proceed – otherwise, it would be wise to stop here. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone?

Alright, as you can guess already, knowing somebody’s exact location by his phone number merely, sounds pretty sci-fi, right? Well, to be honest, it really is. There is absolutely no way to track someones phone by their number for any regular people.

Things are different for the authorized persons though like law enforcement officers can easily track your location with your phone number by the help of your mobile service provider – this method is called “cell tower triangulation”.

track someone

This technology is not for regular people, only the mobile service provider has the proper equipment and technology to use that method.

Obviously, you can’t just ask the mobile service provider to help you find someone’s location using that method, that’s illegal.

Law enforcement uses that method to track absconding criminals, and a service provider is bound to help them as per the law. Having said that, you’re not totally out of luck, there’s a working method on how to track a cell phone location without installing software. Let’s show you how.

First of all, go to Google and search for a funny meme or video or image, just anything funny enough to make anybody compel to watch. Copy the link of that meme, and save it on a notepad.

Now, open this site in your browser. At the top of the site, copy and paste the meme link (which you’ve saved on a notepad), and click the “shorten” button. You’ll then be presented with a pop-up window with the terms and conditions which you have to agree on by clicking it, and that’s all.

Then you’ll be taken to the next page where you will be provided with a shortened link. You can use that link, but in case you’re afraid that the name “iplogger” on the URL can ring a bell to your target person, you can choose another innocent looking domain name from the drop-down box there.

Now, copy the link and send that link to your victim with a text like “hey, see how funny this is” or something like that, just be a little creative, but don’t overdo it; otherwise it can make your victim suspicious. You can hack WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app, or just directly to the target phone via SMS.

Now, everything’s done, and just wait a bit while crossing your finger. It’s people’s nature to click funny memes or images received in social media apps, and if your target person knows you – he/she will click the link without suspecting much, that’s almost guaranteed.

Now, go to the same page from where you got the shortened link. Click on the tab named “logged IPs,” and there you’ll find the IP address of the victim. You’ll get all the related information such as the exact timestamp when the link has been clicked, the name of the ISP who issued that IP, and the approximate location of that person based on the IP address.

However, in some countries, this is not a great way to find somebody’s location based on the IP address alone - the accuracy can vary from a few miles up to a few hundred miles. But in some cities, like New York, an IP address can reveal to you the exact street name the person currently located at.

Just like we said, it’s the next best thing, not the very best. And the best part - there’s zero cost involved. So, now you know how to track a cell phone location without them knowing.

How to track location tracking with NEXSPY mobile spy app?

If you want to know a person’s location with a pinpointed accuracy, then nothing beats a spy app. Admitted that you have to install the app in your victim’s phone, so physical access of the target device is necessary – but it’s really worth the hassle.


Not only the precise GPS location will be available to you, but also almost everything the victim doing with his/her phone will be revealed to you. But unlike the method mentioned above, spy apps are often a costly affair which can set you back for a hefty amount, so that’s something you want to think about before considering this method.

The spy app we will talk about now is NEXSPY. The reason we have selected this one over many other similar apps is a no-brainer. It offers the maximum device compatibility, it offers some very unique features that are not available in others, and most importantly – it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Let’s talk about some of its incredible features (and we won’t repeat the most obvious ones that are common in all spy apps to save a bit of space and your precious time). But before we start, let me tell you a little secret – you literally can install NEXSPY on a target device without having to hold it physically even once.

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

Yes, it sounds awesome, and it really is when it works as it was intended, but the procedure does not yield a 100% success rate. It can work, and it should work most of the time, but is tracking the victim is crucial for you – do not rely on this method, instead try to get the hold of the device physically at least once and install the app by yourself.

How to track a phone’s location remotely without physical access?

First, you need to know how to compile an app with an image file. If you don’t know, or not very coding-savvy, you should seek professional help in this regard. Let us just explain the method briefly here.

track location

You need an image file which can be a funny meme or anything you think would interest the victim, and he/she will tap on the file to see it. Now, all you need to do is compile the NEXSPY apk with that image file and send the same to his/her WhatsApp.

Once he or she taps on the image, the NEXSPY app will be installed silently without giving any hint to the target person that something is being installed behind that hilarious image. After that, the app will start to spy on the device, and you can track its GPS location easily.

As you can see, your success will depend on if the victim actually taps the image or not. Having said that, I yet to see anybody who doesn’t like some funny image forwarded through WhatsApp, so rest assured that it would work, unless, of course, if you’re simply having a bit of bad luck.

NEXSPY highlight features

  • Location tracking

NEXSPY is able to combine both GPS signal and the IP address of the device and send you an almost perfect location coordinate to you. The accuracy of the location is so precise that you can track a cell phone location without them knowing.

  • Gmail and WhatsApp monitoring

While email and other social network monitoring is a common feature in most such tracking apps, the feature of tracking both Gmail and WhatsApp is not available in most such apps.

Every email is sent and received via the Gmail app, or all the chat messages being exchanged on WhatsApp of the phone, will be tracked in your NEXSPY account in real-time.

  • Remote update, deactivation, and uninstallation

With just a click of your mouse in your account, you can remotely update, deactivate (and reactivate later, if you want) or completely uninstall NEXSPY remotely from anywhere in the world. There is no need to get the phone physically as you did at the time of initial installation.

  • Device compatibility

NEXSPY is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, meaning there’s no personal device that can connect to the internet you can’t track. This versatility is very uncommon in mobile tracking apps, most of them can monitor only Android and iOS.

Wrapping up

In today’s session, we discussed mainly two methods of how to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free.

While the first one is free and can be done for a casual prank, the latter is a paid option which should be considered only if you know what you’re doing.

Needless to say that NEXSPY should be your choice if you’re serious about it, like, for example, if you’re a parent and worried about your child’s safety while you’re not around.

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