Rumours about one of the most hyped launch-the one plus 7

by David

Starting with one plus 5 then 5T and then 6 and lastly 6T, the launches from one plus has been a hit one after the other and people have been loving these smartphones.

Many started choosing the one plus phones over the iPhone and overall these smartphones were a huge success in the global market.

Considering such factors one of the most hyped launches that 2019 will see is the one plus 7 and hopefully, one plus 7T within a year. 

A lot of rumours have been going around about the features of one plus and it has hit the international market who is eagerly waiting for the launch.

Many one plus users were quoted saying that they are not replacing their smartphones with any other brand because they have been waiting for the launch of one plus 7.

Here are few updates about this upcoming launch which might excite the one plus fans.

 But some of these might be just rumours and everyone has to wait for the actual launch to precisely known about the different aspects of this unique super-hyped device.

Rumours about upcoming features of the one plus 7

  • The very first rumour is that the one plus 7 will support 5G which is a quite a huge effort and no one is sure whether the brand will be successfully able to pull out such a huge expectation that its users and fans are putting up.

  • The next rumour is about the physical appearance of the phone which states that the phone will have a glass back cover to increase the stylish look of the smartphone and add on to the hype. 

  • The next major change expected in the one plus 7 phones is a wide angle pop up selfie notch. 

It is speculated that the existing tiny notch from the top part of the screen will disappear and replaced by a pop-up notch.

Many said that they would not prefer such a feature but this is something that is expected to be a part of this unique launch.

  • The next rumour came as a disappointment for many one plus fans. 

It is speculated that the 7 series will miss out on the wireless charging facility. 

This was quite a disappointment for many but if at all this happens this is how it is and people will have to accept this hyped device the way the company decides to launch it. 

  • HD plus display is another expectation which most people think will be fulfilled for sure. 

  • The next common expectation is that the phone will have curved edges like the Samsung Galaxy series which feature was missing out in the one plus 6 and 6T.

  • The base model is expected to have at least an 8 GB RAM and a 128 GB storage facility. 

  • A time of flight sensor is also expected in the camera of one plus 7. 

Launch date speculations for the one plus 7 

The one plus 7 is speculated to launch around June 2019 and this is probably the time when this model will be launched in India as well. 

This assumption is made keeping in mind the launch dates of one plus 6 and even one plus 5.

 But since one plus 7 has become an even bigger hype the launch may even shift to July but hopefully not beyond that.

The one plus 7 T is expected to be launched 6 to 7 months after the launch of one plus 7 and definitely, this will vary according to the performance of one plus 7 on the global market.

Price assumptions of the one plus 7

The price assumption of the one plus 7 has no solid ground as the company has kept numb on such issues and the speculating process is not an easy job.

 But since the One Plus 6 series was priced around 549 dollars and that is why it is expected that the base model of one plus 7 will be priced at around 600 dollars.

This increase in price is speculated as the previous one plus phones performed very well in the market and many have been waiting for long regarding the launch of one plus 7.

This super hyped phone is thus estimated to be launched at a higher price than expected.

However, the price assumptions for the higher models are not yet made as it is thought that the higher models will have an 8 GB RAM and if at all that is the case then the price could be quite high as 8 GB RAM is a huge quality for a smartphone. 

Thus, overall one plus 7 is quite a hyped device as compared to many other models that have been launched in the recent past.

iPhone 10 was a very hyped and after that launch one plus 7 is thought to be the next big launch in the world of smartphones.

This device is expected to have incorporated features from the iPhone 10, some high-end phones from Oppo and the Samsung galaxy edge series.

The selfie pop-up flash camera feature is almost confirmed from the company, though an official announcement has not been made.

But one the other hand the phone will probably stick to the traditional wired charging methods along with flash charging facilities.

The performance of the model is not doubted and being launched in the Android platform definitely gives an upper hand to the model in terms of diversity of any application or other features.

The Android version available in this is upgradeable and you can always update to the recently launched version as per your convenience.

Overall the performance of the previous models was hugely impressive and most users said that the phone is definitely worth the money it costs.

It was regarded as one of the best or probably the best smartphone available on the market at that price range.

One plus has definitely made a huge market for itself with the last couple of launches.

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