How to Hack WhatsApp without The Target Phone?

by David

There can be many reasons why one wants to spy on others’ WhatsApp or other social media platforms, the reason being trust issues regarding parental control and employee monitoring purposes.

In the days of extreme connection, trust issues have become a significant and anxious part of one’s life. Parents are concerned about with whom their children chat with - known people or with strange ones? The authority of a firm or company can assume that an employee of theirs is, perhaps, plotting with their rival or maybe leaking significant data.

WhatsApp provides a platform where anyone can chat with others secretively, do illegal businesses or activities and can be a victim of cybercrime. So, it is extremely important to monitor social activities of closed ones or in the case of a company, the employees, minutely.

The children use to post significant details of personal information without thinking twice. By using this information anyone can blackmail or misuse them and this can be disastrous, which also may lead to child suicide.

As is the case of Blue Whale or Momo games, where some pervert “humanists” had tried to cleanse the society by manipulating children using the personal information posted by them on social media platforms.

Therefore, by monitoring WhatsApp video and audio calls and chats concrete evidence should be collected and more importantly, peace of mind can be gained back. So, what are the methods using which one can hack WhatsApp?

How to hack someone’s whatsapp account? Or how to hack WhatsApp online? These are basically the same questions about hacking WhatsApp. There are mainly four methods by which this can be done: using WhatsApp hack tools, exploiting WhatsApp Web, using MAC spoofing, or using a keylogger.

How to hack whatsapp?

Use WhatsApp hack tools

There are innumerable hack tools available on the web. According to our research, it is pretty much impossible to hack someone’s WhatsApp without the target phone.

However, there are several apps, some are paid and some are free, which can help you accomplish the required task in a lot more convenient process.



If you wish to utilize the best spy app, NEXSPY is what we recommend. Among other spy apps, it stands to be one of the most affordable and simple to use. It works unnoticeably in the background of someone's phone and it comes with a host of powerful features that you will definitely love.

NEXSPY allows you to track GPS location, record incoming and outgoing calls, monitor online activities, and monitor text messages. This best spy app for Android is also efficient and it receives continuous support through updates.

Here the question arises - why NEXPSY? What is there in this particular app that distinguishes it from the others of use for this same purpose?

The answer is that many of the other apps and software are made of false expectations and expensive values. NEXSPY, on the other hand, demands a very little amount of fee and provides you with a plethora of features that do actually work.

Even better, the targeted phone does not need to be rooted. You just need to install the app for once and it will perform all the tasks without any headache. The app remains hidden so the user of the targeted phone can never detect any monitoring activity.

To help you see the advantages of NEXSPY, here are some of the things you might want to look at:

  • Contacts and Phone Calls

Ease of use is one of the most important features you must look for in a spy app. NEXSPY allows you to track and log the calls of your target. It could actually provide the exact time and date of the calls as well as the ability to listen to live conversation only if allowed by law.

  • SMS and IM Chats

Recording and tracking text messages will never be easier without NEXSPY. These records also include the name of the sender, phone number, date and time of sending and receiving of the messages.

  • Multimedia Files

One of the most useful features of this spy app is Stealth Camera. It allows you to control someone’s phone camera and receive every image it captures.

  • Record Phone Calls and Environment

Monitor and Record VoIP calls. This makes it easier to spy on apps other than WhatsApp like Facebook, Viber, and Skype.

  • Online Activities

Track the internet activity of your target using this app. NEXSPY provides regular reports and inspects everything that caught your interest.

NEXSPY is the most reliable and powerful monitoring software for parental control and employee monitoring solution. If you are looking for a tool that could help you know about how to hack whatsapp, here’s the answer.

So how to install and use the app

  • Step 1​​

First, you need to buy a license, obviously. Visit their official website and select the best plan for you, purchase it, provide your email address so you can receive your account information.

Once the login credentials are received, one has to login using any web browser in their account at

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

  • Step 2

To install the app, you must gain access to the target phone and enable some prerequisites first.

Go to Settings and find the “Security and Lock Screen” tab, enable the “Unknown Sources” option and click “OK”.

Then, you can download the app and install it. When being asked, enter your license key to activate the app.

After that, clear the download and browser history, just to be safe that they will not know anything.

In the case of the iPhone and iPad, you will need to jailbreak the target device before installing the app.

  • Step 3

After the installation is complete, you can simply log in to your account portal. And the process is done.

data dashboard

Each and every type of data can be accessed through this app, including multimedia files and deleted messages.

nexspy messages

2. mSpy

For iPhone users, here is the best spy app you can use to keep an eye on your kids. mSpy is the long lost answer on “How to spy on WhatsApp messages” as well as other messaging applications like Snapchat, and Facebook. It has a wide array of spying features which includes SMS, Calls, GPS tracking, and among others that are useful for monitoring the activities of your child.


While it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, we strongly recommend it for iPhone users. This is because of its user-friendly interface and quick installation advantage.

Unlike other applications, mSpy has multi-language support that works for 24/7. Its exceptional customer service is one of the reasons why people keep on using it over other spy apps online. As a matter of fact, mSpy boast its 95% customer satisfaction saying it is their highest priority which makes clients coming back for more.

Basically, mSpy is the leading smartphone application for parental control today. It allows parents to inspect calls, text messages, current GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.

Take a peek at the advantages of mSpy:

  • View SMS Details

This spy app provides reports and allows SMS monitoring to make sure that your child isn’t exchanging dangerous and inappropriate messages.

  • Track GPS Locations

If you know where your child is, you don’t have to worry much about them. mSpy allows you to route and track your child’s mobile device history.

  • Monitor Messaging Applications

Read messages shared with your child using mSpy. Take a peek at their WhatsApp messages by simply clicking Control Panel and scan through messaging, photos, videos, date and time stamps.

  • Inspect Emails

Since bullying is now possible through phone calls, emails, and instant messages, inspect the messages received by your child using mSpy.

  • Check Multimedia Messages

Easily supervise the multimedia contents exchanged by your child and see the video and photo they capture.

  • Call Monitoring

View the details of all incoming and outgoing calls of your child. You can also receive a comprehensive record stating times, dates, and durations directly to mSpy’s Control Panel. If you wish, you can also block calls from and to any number you choose.

Take note that some of these features will require jailbreaking your iPhone. Despite that, this spy app is worthwhile given that it has a load of incredibly useful features. Like NEXSPY, mSpy also supports both Android and iOS devices. For iOS users, this spy app runs on iOS 7 to iOS 9.1 only.

3. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the top software for spying with which you can successfully spy on social accounts, track SMS messages, track phone location, record phone calls and more”.


It is a paid app that is compatible with all Android phones. Many people use Hoverwatch to hack Viber, Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.


For personal use

  • Hoverwatch costs $19.95 for one month
  • $49.95 for three months, $99.95 for six months
  • for a full year, it costs $149.95.

The family package costs:

  • $199.95 for the entire year
  • for one year $99.95
  • $99.95 for three months 
  • $39.95 for one month.

For business use

  • Hoverwatch costs $499.95 for a whole year
  • $299.95 for three months
  • $149.95 for a single month.

4. SpyFone


SpyFone claims that everything can be hacked from the target phone using their application.

The cost of the app is somewhat higher than other apps, which must be taken into consideration. The annual plan costs $185, $123 for half a year, $78 for three months and one month costs $31.


This software is compatible with Android, but it needs to be rooted to be use advanced features.

SpyFone, however, has some major drawbacks along with benefits. There is no trial version available for and only text messages can be viewed. The online control panel helps you to view the logs. The most worse is that the user of the targeted phone can accidentally discover that he or she has been monitored through the app.

Other methods to hack someone’s whatsapp account

The other methods mentioned above are hacking WhatsApp by exploiting WhatsApp Web, hacking WhatsApp messages without access to the phone, by using MAC spoofing, and by using a keylogger.

How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone?

The short answer is: No, you can’t. The best way to hack someone’s WhatsApp is using a spy app. We never recommend using spy apps on anyone’s phone without mutual consent, they should only be used for parental control purpose

Basically, spy apps are software that works to track, monitor, and extract the phone activity of someone. These activities include incoming and outgoing calls, text, emails, videos, as well as social media, web browsing history, and the GPS location of a phone.

You can also use spy apps to copy and save all data from a phone in case of emergency situations like phone getting broken, stolen, or damaged because of water. These are the reasons why many found spy apps incredibly useful.

You can find a wave of available spy apps for iOS and Android online. However, only a few have the features that could provide you the ease of hack someone's WhatsApp account without QR code. We have been testing many spy apps to find the best and here are the two that are finally worth your time. Let’s get into 3 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2019

How to hack whatsapp online using exploit WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp provides a service called WhatsApp Web, with the help of which you can access the platform on computers or laptops.

To exploit WhatsApp Web you have to access the target phone, connect it to the internet and scan the QR code displayed on the computer or laptop by WhatsApp Web.

But before doing these steps you have to get access to the password, pattern or PIN of the target phone if it is protected.

This process is easy, but the latest versions of Android 7.1.2 and iOS 10 operating systems constantly show notification in the target phone that WhatsApp Web is “currently active”, which may raise suspicion.

How to hack WhatsApp using a keylogger?

A keylogger is an app that records all the keystrokes made by a user and saves it for later use. The drawback is that it is only stuck to the alphabet and number level, which will be limited in some situations.

How to hack using Mac Spoofing?

To hack WhatsApp through Mac Spoofing is extremely difficult and technical as one has to hack the Media Access Control address (MAC address).

It is recommended to use a cheap yet effective app or software like NEXSPY for the use of common, non-technical people.

Furthermore, it is not ethical to hack anyone’s personal data unless one is in dire need.

How to know your WhatsApp account has been hacked?

Have you ever wondered if your WhatsApp account is secure and safe to use? Well, you aren’t the only one. Though WhatsApp’s known to be completely encrypted, that doesn’t mean it not hackable.

It's one of the most well known messaging application used by both iOS and Android users. Many users are not sure if this service will ensure protection from getting spied or not.

Various types of messages, including personal details, are usually transferred via WhatsApp. This enhances the need for a secure WhatsApp account.

Securing your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp is similar to other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. These services are all vulnerable to a certain extent. It’s easy to figure out when apps like Facebook or Instagram are usually hacked.

However, it’s quite tricky to notice any hampering on WhatsApp. Most of the users are unaware that their account has encountered some sort of tampering. This is because the scammers use various methods to hack, such as using known contacts or fake names.

Figuring out the vulnerability of WhatsApp soon will help you protect yourself. You need not stress or worry about this issue. The company is trying its best to protect the privacy of the account users.

They have installed tight security measures to block the hackers from attacking the accounts easily. Layers of coding discourage hackers from attacking time-consuming platforms.

The users need to pay more attention to avoid the risk of their accounts getting hacked. Most of the WhatsApp hacks take place when the scammers have access to your PC or smartphones.

Don’t worry! There are various ways to find out if any attacker has meddled with your account. Through this post, we will help you understand this problem and offer steps to fix it yourself.

Is your WhatsApp account hacked

Are you thinking - can WhatsApp be hacked? Here are some tips that will help you figure out if your WhatsApp is hacked or not. However, these are not the final indications to solve the problem. You can always take your gadget to a tech expert to fix the issue.

  • Increased battery consumption

The normal consumption time of a smartphone battery is 4 – 6 hours while using and 24 hours on standby. Do you notice your device battery getting drained sooner than the mentioned timeframe? If so, they are a greater chance of malware being present on your gadget.

  • Sudden increase in temperature

Have you experienced your tablet or smartphone heating up in an abnormal manner? This is a sign that an unknown background application is running on your device. It is an old trick that is commonly used by scammers. This takes place when malware programs are present on your gadget.

Fixing your hacked account on WhatsApp

Now arises the question - what to do if my WhatsApp account is hacked? Here are some tips on how to handle this issue

1. Shut down all applications

Scammers use hidden programs to obtain a backup copy of all the chats in your account. These are then converted to plain text files to sent to various email accounts. This instructive method allows the hacker to read all your chats without any editing.

By installing an App Locker program on your device, you can avoid such apps from running in the background. This app shuts down all applications on your gadget for security reasons. If a hacker wants to copy a backup file from your account, he will have to unlock your phone manually.

2. Log out from the WhatsApp Web

Are you using WhatsApp Web on your computer? Then always remember to sign off from the web version of the WhatsApp account. This is to ensure that no one is spying on your WhatsApp messages.

3. Use 2-step verification for accessing your account

This method is the standard security settings for most apps these days. By enabling this sort of verification, you require a 6-digit pin code to access your account. This method will offer added security against any attempt to hack your account.

Follow the above guidelines and stay protected while using your WhatsApp account.

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