How to Hack Facebook Account & Password For Free Effortlessly

by David

Facebook is the most well-known and popular social media. It has been also misused as a platform of cybercrimes. As anyone can see the photos, documents and information these data become vulnerable in the hands of the third parties, who use them to blackmail, plot, marauding or nowadays even to avenge.

As a result, cyber crimes are increasing. The victims are mainly schoolboys and girls, who do not have the maturity and post anything and everything regarding themselves, home-related information, about vacations, about family, innumerable pictures, and even about their break-ups.

Thus, it has become an extreme priority for parents to keep a keen eye on the matters their children share about. Business companies nowadays also like to keep track of the social media of their employees. And lastly, if you lose your own Facebook ID or password, you’d want to recover it by way of hacking.

The questions asked are How to hack Facebook? How to hack someone’s Facebook? How to hack someone’s Facebook messages or Messenger Conversations? Some methods have been discussed below.

How to hack Facebook?

There are several methods by which you can hack Facebook ID and messages: the traditional password recovery method, a keylogger, the “Man in the Middle” attack method, social engineering, phishing, or by the use of an app particularly designed for this purpose, which is more convenient and easy.

1. The traditional Password Recovery method

If you have access to the email address of the target person that you want to hack, the task becomes extremely easy.

If you do not know their email address, you have to check into the person’s device by which he or she connects himself or herself to the world. In the contact info section of the Facebook account, the email address can be found.

After getting the email address you have to put it in the required section and click on “Forgotten your password?” Then one has to click on “This is my account to proceed”.

After the process, Facebook asks if you want to reset the password. Now, this is a trap for hackers. If one selects the option, Facebook will send a recovery link to that person’s email.

The safest option is to choose “No longer have access to these” (the email address, usually Gmail account). Then Facebook will ask the question “How can we reach you?”.


The email address you have to put here must not be linked to any other Facebook account. Then Facebook will ask further questions that you have to intelligently answer.

After changing the password, Facebook will allow to login in the next twenty-four hours.

2. Keylogger

Keylogger is a kind of app that keeps track of the activity of the keyboard and remains hidden in the computer, thereby supplying the necessary information to the hacker.

There is multiple keylogger app available on the internet. If you don’t want to spend time to find a keylogger that works and if you think that is too complicated, it actually is.

Well, the good news is that the above-mentioned app - NEXPSPY also has a built-in keylogger app which is absolutely beautiful and easy to use. So that might be a good choice.

A keylogger enables you to track keystrokes that are typed on the target user’s device.

NEXSPY keylogger is one such software, that when installing on your target user’s device, it enables you to crack passwords of all networking sites and accounts, and all keystrokes made on the target user’s device.


Its major downside is that you need to get a hold of your target user’s device to install this software. This hacking method is possible only on physical possession of the target user’s device.

3. Man in the Middle attack

This is a technical process by which connecting the person’s phone to a fake Wi-Fi network, the hacker directs traffic to fake login pages in order to record the email address and password. Raspberry Pi and Wi-Fi Pumpkin are some of the different tools

4. Social engineering

If the person has put a weak password social engineering helps. By guessing the password the account is tried to be hacked. People use the date of birth, birthplace, marriage anniversary or personal phone numbers as the password, which can be easily accessible by intelligent guess by others.

4. Phishing

Phishing is a method by which a fake Facebook login page is created and sent via email to the user. The fake login page must look like the original. This page, when accessed by the user, records all the data of login and thereby helps the hacker to get the desired result.

Phishing facebook

Hackers may trick the user to visiting some malicious website and when the user clicks anywhere a JavaScript program instantly starts working out. A new tab will be opened with some queries regarding Facebook and when the user clicks, the necessary data will be extracted.

The problem is that how one can protect himself or herself from being hacked? One should follow the security measures taken up by Facebook from time to time. The app must be updated regularly. A pop-up blocker must be added to the device to block any vulnerability.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger?

Why you want to hack Facebook Messenger

There may be times and situations in which we may be compelled to hack the private Facebook account of some users. Some reasons why we may be compelled to hack Facebook Messenger are as follows.

In the Business industry, all business-related information is kept very secure and private. It is possible some wicked employees may attempt to steal some valuable data and send them to rival companies on Facebook Messenger.

Hence, it is important to keep a check on some suspecting employees by hacking their Facebook Messenger to check their fidelity. Who knows, a hack in time could save your company millions.

Sometimes, we also need to keep a check on our children who are using Facebook Messenger. There could be criminals and sexual predators trying to lure your kids online to chat and befriend them.

Cyberbullying is another aspect we need to look out for. So in such cases, it becomes essential for parents to hack their children’s Facebook Messenger to keep a check on them, basically to protect them.

No matter what the reason for hacking, let us look at a few possible ways on how to hack a Facebook Messenger.

Using spy apps to hack Facebook Messenger

The next method of hack someone’s Facebook messages without a password is by using spy apps. With the help of these apps, you would be able to gain access to the target user’s chats, pictures, videos, calls, and online conversations.

Spy apps are an easy and efficient way of hacking someone’s Facebook messages without being detected by the target user. There are different spy apps available in the market used for spying purposes. These spy apps are both compatible with Android or iPhones.

Among many spy apps available on the market today, there is the NEXSPY app which is perfect for hacking Facebook information. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.


With the help of this app, you can keep track of the chats, video messages or audio messages along with date and time. Furthermore, profile photos can be seen and whom they are chatting with can also be perceived.

Let us look at the method of hacking someone’s Facebook messenger using the NEXSPY app. It is one of the most popular spy apps used for hacking devices.

Steps for using NEXSPY

The first step is to register for a NEXSPY account. You would be required to install the app on your device. Therefore, follow the steps that you see on the screen and you will be able to install the app without any complication.

enable unknow source 1
Enable Unknown Sources
download nexspy

Once you install the software and set it up, you can log into the account. A browser will appear on your device asking for your details to log in. Once you log in with your credentials, a dashboard will appear on the screen.

install nexspy
Activate Device Administrator
activate code

On the dashboard, you will see all the information about your target user.

Click on the ‘Facebook’ option. When you click on it, you will now get access to all the Facebook activities of your target user.


You will be able to see the pictures, videos, messages, chat conversations and so on. Not only Facebook Messenger, but other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram are also available, along with many other features.

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.


The methods discussed above can be very difficult and tough. So, it is recommended to use any kind of professional app like NEXSPY in order to be safe and secure from illegal accusations throughout the process and enjoy the hacking with peace of mind and convenience.

There are many other spying apps like NEXSPY that we discussed earlier and methods like phishing that can help you hack Facebook. Choosing the right method of hacking is very important. 

During the process, be careful not to compromise your security. Try the safe methods of hacking that will not make you vulnerable to your privacy. So, choose smartly and hack wisely. Do not fall into your trap.

Hacking anything or peeping into personal matters put up the question of ethics. The privacy should be respected. Although there is a kind of hacking, known as ethical hacking, which is used to protect significant data and data-theft.

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