How do I export my Dashlane account Data?

by David

What is a Dashlane Account used for?

Dashlane helps its user to store their personal information and passwords in such a place that it is difficult to be accessible by any other person other than the user and is non-hackable too.

Dashlane guarantees the user the safety and security of his or her passwords and personal information which is supposed to be accessed with privacy only.

It is the most trusted source a user can consider for the purpose of storing the data without any fear of loss or access by other users. 

Simply, you can manage and protect everything that matters to you.

Creation and usage of a Dashlane account are also preferred by many of the businessmen as well.

The Dashlane account not only helps you store the data but also edit it if you find it necessary. 

Storage of the data and Importance of the account-

After registering and creating an account, the user can start storing his data into the account and after he finishes selecting all the data that needs to be secured, he can setup up a pin or a password which is known to the user only.

It is yet a safe way to store, secure and access your private data all into one place.

Any type of file can be stored into your account by you without any restrictions.

It also helps you quickly save your password and pins, hence, if you have many different passwords for each account, then you have found your saviour.

It also helps you to generate passwords as well. It is also responsible for dark web monitoring and personalized alerts. 

Most important of all, it creates a VPN for wi-fi protection and secures the user from malicious sites as well.

Dashlane also helps you in a way of sharing and also backs you up in case of an emergency by sending a message to all of your emergency contacts which you have given. 

Not only in your PC but the account can be synced and accessed in any of the devices you use.

So don’t wait and get started today!

How to export or back up my Dashlane account data?

Well, Dashlane account features Smart Space Management which backs up your data automatically without waiting for any command to be given by the user.

Any passwords or data which is enforced under the company space will not be exported or backed up by the account.

The Dashlane account is accountable for all of the backup, restore and exporting of the data and does it automatically if permitted earlier. 

One thing very important to be known by the user is that he or she can only access his or her data in all of their devices if his or her data is synced in the devices.

Whichever device has synced the data of the user, holds a backup of the data of the user.

The Sync is very easy and can also be done on the background in your device without even your knowledge but with internet access only.

You can also change the setting of the syncing of the information to get it under your knowledge.

How to create a local backup or print the data?

It is important to be kept in mind that information or data can only be backed up using a PC that is a computer or a laptop and not in mobile devices.

However, the syncing of the data is not restricted to a particular type of device.

To export or back up your data you need to first, launch your Dashlane account, select the data you want to export or backup and then click on Dashlane Secure Archive.

You have to also set a master password to secure backed up data. After this, just save the file in a safe place.

Let it be Windows, Mac OS or any other operating system, the process of exporting and backing up the data is the same in all of them.

The whole account is exported after this process, and not just a part of it. All of your account data gets backed up and exported and you cannot take bits of data into different files. Of course, you can create folders to classify the data but in the file only.

Your master password encrypts the data and makes it non-hackable. Only your master password is the key to decrypt your data back. If you forget your master password, it is difficult to get your backed up data.

If you believe in having a hardcopy of all your data, then you can also have a hardcopy of all of your data by just simply printing it.

You need to just select the data you want to get printed and print the data and store it in a place, to make it difficult for any person other than you to find the hard copies. 

How to restore account data from backup?

You can also restore back all of your backed up account data by simply importing the whole data back into your device.

To restore or import all of the backed up data, you need to first login into your account and access the data with your master password.

After getting enabled to access your data using your account, you can select the data you want to import and import it and make sure you avoid any of the duplications. 

If duplications are there it will be difficult for you to later access your data in your device. Pretty simple right!

So the master password is essential to cipher the text, hence, make sure you don’t forget the master password and all the other passwords will be however present in a safe and secure way in your Dashlane account with all of your private information and data.

So, hurry up and store and backup all of your data using a Dashlane account without any worry of its security.

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