How to delete your Facebook account?

by David

So, the Social Network stops tracking your data?

The online social networking platform of Facebook has both its advantages and disadvantages.

While on the one hand, many people are benefitting from it by opting it as a career platform; others find it to be utterly disappointing.

There are various reasons as to why Facebook has lost its charm, and by day to day activities, the chances of fooling its users are increasing.

One of the many problems that most Facebook users have been facing in recent years is that the social network tracks its user’s accounts.

This means that all of the activities of its users are noticed, and all of the private data are being collected as well. This is all happening without the least concern of the user.

Keeping up with this problem, most of the users have signed up a petition asking for the Delete facebook movement.

A solution that can be meted out is to delete the account permanently and then retrieve back the data after some time. In this way, the tracking would stop.

But deleting the account must be done safely or else, the worse could also happen.

Thus, a complete guide to delete the facebook account so that no tracking of data takes place is listed below.

A step by step guide to delete the facebook account:

If one has decided to delete the facebook account, then it is surely for good. Therefore, some of the crucial steps are as follows:

  • The option of deactivation-

A lot of people might be unsure at first if the account must be permanently deleted or not.

Then the option of deactivation can be opted for.

This allows the user to be off from Facebook for quite some time.

Whenever one feels to log in again, one can simply type the user ID and password in the log page to activate the account. Deactivation has one advantage.

The users’ account won’t be shown in the search area anymore. This might stop the tracking as well.

But even if one finds that the account data is being tracked, then the permanent solution can be opted for, without any shade of doubt.

  • The process of deleting the account-

If one feels the need to delete the account after the tracking of the data has been taking place continuously, then one must surely go for it. But certain conditions are to be followed-

The data of the account that is to b deleted takes a minimum time of 14 days to be deleted.

This includes all posts, videos, messages, music, friends, and others.

In this span of 14 days, one cannot log in again.

The account would not appear in the search option as well.

However, if one feels to keep a copy of all the data of the account, then one can simply click on the save data option and download it.

A copy of the entire data of the account would be saved.

One can then click on the permanent delete option to delete all the account and its data completely.
When the account is being deleted, the tracking is not possible anymore.

How far the notion that Facebook would keep tracking you after deleting the account true?

For some, there have been reported dealings of tracking of the data even after deleting of the account.

Regardless of the fact that the account doesn’t even exist, news of continuous tracking of data has been highlighted.

This is because; some of the options in the settings were not correctly adjusted. In order to prevent such a mishap from taking place, one can take a look at the following steps to stop it-

  • The first step is to go to the Privacy menu or the ads menu.
  • This would open the limit ad tracking option.
  • On clicking on that very option, one must then visit any browser and open the security menu.
  • In the security and privacy menu, one must choose the option ‘do not track the data’. This stops all of the data from being tracked.

Why is facebook tracking data?

Facebook has its tasks to do.

It is simply for better advertising and money that the social media platform tracks the account of its users.

Most of the technology used in the process is completely beyond human experience.

The tentacles of Facebook are quite strong and by chewing on the user’s data, it is earning more and more profit.

Even the advertising of the data somewhat increases more chances of advertising data.

This is useful for the whole platform. Tracking can earn a lot of money than most business profiles make.

Be aware from the first day itself:

If one feels to create an account again after the data tracking had taken place, then all of the security settings must be adjusted right from the very beginning.

Apart from that, a few additional tips might also help. Some of them are as follows:

Stop the online button-

One of the best ways to stop tracking of private data is to switch off the online option when one is using facebook. In this way, some amount is privacy is maintained.

Choose a different browser for using Facebook-

One can likely stop the tracking of the data by opting to use another browser instead of the Facebook app.

Some of the browsers have inbuilt security that helps to locate the tracking procedure. Therefore, one can stay safe in this process as well.

Activate the script blocking option-

One can certainly try out the script blocking option that allows all of the trackers to focus on one particular script in the account. Once the scripts are identified, one can easily block them.

This can also be done with the help of another browser or through the web extension option.

Therefore, an individual must take special care in using Facebook. If the situation stands out of control, then one can report and delete the account permanently.

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