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Burn Photos to DVD in 4 Easy Steps


I love taking photos, and especially love taking photos for my dear family. In my wedding ceremony, birthday, family festival…, so many precious memorable days. I have taken many photos. However, the more photos i get, the more I am worried about how to store them in a better and safer way.

I searched many days on the Internet for the best way of storing and presenting digital photos but haven’t found one until I came across Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe. This photo dvd software can burn photos to dvd with hundreds of free movie styles. And in this way, my precious photos will be preserved as dvd format for about fifty years. What’s more, when I want to see these photos, I can watch the photo dvd on TV at any time with my family. We won’t be bothered by the annoying net speed any more.

Now I will write down the tips for burning photos to dvd for your reference.

Step 1: Install photo DVD software and add your photos
Free Download  DVD Slideshow Builder and install it, and the program will go to browse your computer’s digital photos automatically. Then drag your favorite photos to the storyboard (There is no quantity limitation of photos) and add background music if you want by click the “Add Audio” build-in button.

Step 2: Select photo movie styles
There are hundreds of free photo movie styles that can be used for different occasions, such as wedding, birthday, product presentation, etc. Choose your favorite styles and drag them on the photos.
You can also set the style’s duration time by double click the time under the style thumbnail on Storyboard Tab.

Step 3: Add decoration to your photo dvd
Go to “Decoration Tab” to add decoration text, cliparts and effect on your digital photos. You can also add intro movie and credit movie for your photo dvd by click the “Intro/Credit ” build-in button.








Step 4: Preview and burn photos to dvd
Go to “Publish” Tab, click “Create DVD” button and input a dvd disc to burn photo to dvd format. Look below thumbnails for getting more info. You can also save digital photos to other video formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. You can upload video formats photo slideshow on YouTube for sharing with more people.

Then you will go to the window below. It is for decorating your dvd menu. Select different menu backgrounds in the top left and double click on the thumbnails to apply.
At last, it will turn out this window for you to set your folder and other parameters for your photo dvd. Then click “Create” button to burn photos to dvd.

Ok, that’s done! Burning photo to dvd with DVD Slideshow Builder is so easy.

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