How Can I Spy on A Cell Phone without Installing Software?

by David

The happiness and well-being of people depend on the level of security. A fully safe and secure system ensures better focus on other activities resulting in a better life. You can do everything possible to ensure the physical safety of your kids and family, but when it comes to digital security you need to have a different strategy.

The challenge is that you simply cannot stop access to internet-enabled modern devices. So, what to do to have the proper balance of freedom of access as well as control over the use of the device so that your kids remain safe and secure.

The best possible way is to have control over the information by monitoring the device activity of your near and dear ones. Thanks to advancements in technologies, now you can download free spyware without touching target phone so that your kids remain unaware of such monitoring.

It sounds like an easy solution. But it isn't that easy, because the moment you try to access the cell phone of the target to install any spy software they may become suspicious of your activity giving birth to the trust deficit. No one would like to have a trust deficit in a relationship. So, how to spy on someone's phone without touching it?

Why you would want to spy on a cell phone without touching it?

In this era of hypermobility and networking, not just physical but virtual as well, it is almost impossible to track the activity of your target. Well designed remote cell phone spy software without target phone could be of great help in building a monitoring system.

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This allows you to have access to all possible cell phone utility data so that you could judge the activity and accordingly beef up your security level. Ideally, you should not spy on anybody. But sometimes, the situation forces you to have control over the information so that you could take some preventive measures.

Reasons might vary, but the core is to ensure the safety of your kids, family, and employees so that the ultimate goal of efficiency and happiness could be achieved. Some very common reasons behind the need to have free cell phone spy without access to target phone are:

  • The majority of people want to have such cell phone spy software to track the activity of their kids to ensure safety from cyberbullying, online harassment or luring.
  • The prime reason highlighted by parents is to have access to online browsing activities so that they could know what kind of content they are consuming.
  • People want to read text messages to understand what kind of people are in touch for what kind of activity.
  • People want to track all possible instant messaging platforms so that their inclination towards drugs, porn, or any other illegal activity could be tracked.
  • Some people want to track the physical mobility of kids and employee to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • People want to have access to the call data so that one could know about the calling activity of the concerned person.
  • Businessman wants to track the online activity of the employee so that data safety could be ensured and system efficiency could be improved.

You have several options for cell phone spy software that gives you a very broad information-capturing-and-tracking system. The best in the league is the NEXSPY, which helps you build a robust monitoring system.

Thankfully, now you can download free spyware without touching target phone. Most of the high-quality spy software works best when properly installed on the target device. So, how to spy on someone's phone without touching it?

How to monitor someone's cell phone without accessing the target device?

It is a challenging task to access the cell phone of your kid or employee without losing credibility. Since your monitoring goal requires the installation of spy software in the target device, you have to access the device. Is it possible to do so without touching the device?

Well, that depends on the operating system of the target device. If the target phone has Android OS, you have to install the spy software. But the installation is pretty simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Once installed, it works effectively with any worry of detection of its existence on the phone.


If the target cell phone has iOS, you can spy on a cell phone without touching the target phone. The NEXSPY iOS version helps you track a phone without installing the software. You won't have to worry about the jailbreak of the target phone.

Thankfully, the NEXSPY has developed the technology to monitor the target device without having access to it. It is a very robust tracking and monitoring phone spy tool that allows you to access this set of data:

  • Call Tracking

You get detailed call logs of any mobile phone. You could monitor call logs of many popular VoIP applications. You get access to contact details. Get all contact information from the target phone.

Choose your NEXSPY plan

All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

You could hear and see the surrounding of iPad's surrounding using a secretly answered FaceTime call; you could remotely record VoIP calls made using popular VoIP.

  • SMS Messages

NEXSPY software allows you to read all sent and received text messages on any phone. You could access all MMS messages; see all incoming and outgoing iMessage.

  • Emails

This phone spy app allows you to read all emails received or sent from the mailbox.

  • Instant Message Apps

NEXSPY makes it possible for you to hack someones facebook inbox messages, WhatsApp messages, videos, chats and call logs, Skype conversations and call logs and several other such platforms with similar features.

  • Location Tracking

This cell phone spy tool has a very robust GPS location tracker that gives you the precise location of the target device. You get all possible data related to location history. This gives you the geofencing technology allowing you to get notified when anything happens in that particular location.

  • Browser History

This spy tool allows you to track all possible browsing activity of the target device. It captures not just the domain, but time and date as well. In simple words, everything that the browser keeps in record gets captured by the tool. You can even track the network access of the target device.

  • Media Files

This spy tool of NEXSPY gives you virtual remote access to the target device sp that you could get access to all media files including photo gallery, videos, audio files, etc.

  • Installed Applications

This phone spy tool captures all possible data of all installed apps on the phone, making it possible for you to track the activity of the target user. You can take screenshots remotely to check the application use. You get access to the calendar of the target phone.

  • Data Capture

NEXSPY cell phone spy software gives you remote access to the keyboard activity of the target device. It has a feature to take photos and videos from the target remote using SpyCam.

  • Alerts

To make it easier for you, the tool alerts you about SIM card related activity, specific caller ID, and specific keyword alert.

  • Smart Hide

NEXSPY makes sure that your target user remains unaware of the existence of any spy tool in the device. You have an option to hide an icon entirely, hide traces rooting from Android devices, hide jailbreak on iPhone and iPad. 

  • Remote Access

This tool allows you to have total control over the target device. You have a feature to send remote SMS command, remote restart, remote deactivation, un-installation, and update.

How to spy on someone's cell phone without target phone?

Here is the way to spy on iPhone or other iOS devices without access to the cell phone:

  • Step 1: Create a NEXSPY account using the username and password sent via email.

  • Step 2: You have to log in using the Apple ID credentials of the target device.

  • Step 3: Now, log in your account and start monitoring the target device without accessing the phone. All the relevant data is delivered on the dashboard.

Here is the way to spy on someone's Android phone without access to target phone:

  • Step 1: Create a NEXSPY account by providing details like email address 

  • Step 2: Download the software and install it in the target device remotely by following the guide. 

  • Step 3: Once the installation process is over you get access to the target device data.

Now, you know everything about cell phone spy tools. The NEXSPY has a very robust system to help you track all possible activities of the target device. It has been developed to fulfill the need of both the Android and iOS operating systems. This helps you track all offline and make it available once the device comes back to the network.

You don't have to worry about access to the target devices as you can install the software using the remote installation path. If you count the number of features and accuracy of data, the cost of $19 per month is a fair deal. The use of spy apps is prohibited in several countries, so use it judiciously.

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