Phone with the best camera: Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3

by David

Both Samsung and Google have been working hard to provide the best images with its camera.

 But if you know which is better between these two giant markets, we need to decode each feature in detail.

The three generations of Pixel smartphones unveiled so far today, have great standards for smartphone photography.

Both the mobile phones have three lenses as a rear camera which has the most sophisticated type of photography technology.

These are great for shots at low-light or dim lighting settings. The features like Bokeh mode on both the phones do its best and selfies taken by Pixel looks more realistic. 

Without confusing much, we can see the features of both Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S10 simultaneously.

This comparison of features side by side will help you find the best phone out of these two.

The processing system, speed or memory are not going to be compared and this post is to only compare the best camera features of these two phones.

Both are pricey for the features it has, but there are major differences when comes to the camera quality and other additional features. 

Comparing various features of Galaxy S10 vs Pixel 3

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of features that comes to the camera for each phone and what you are searching for one may not be available in other.

The Google Pixel is designed with a bunch of features that can suit different light settings and Galaxy S10 might not have these many features.

Let us decode the different features these two mobile phones have.

Portrait mode: The portrait mode of the Galaxy S10 is better compared to the Pixel. This is because the Galaxy S10 makes the portrait picture perfect with high quality and definitions.

Whereas in Pixel portrait mode, the image looks slightly darker compared to the portrait mode of Pixel. The details are pretty clear and sharper n Galaxy S10 and it is not the same in Pixel.

The brightness is at the good level in Galaxy and on the other hand, the picture looks dull in Pixel. As far as Portrait mode is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S10 wins over the Pixel. 

Group picture (With bokeh): The group portrait with bokeh mode on both the phones is good.

But if a photo is taken mid noon or at bright daylight, both the phones tend to show differences.

Like other Samsung phones, the Galaxy S10 looks like it is blowing out the person’s face on sunlight. 

Whereas the Pixel maintains the temperature and warmth of the sunlight and does not makes it too much bright on the human face.

The shadows are neglected on both phone cameras.

Both the phones are equal in this feature of bokeh mode or while taking a group portrait.

But the Pixel looks more natural as the brightness in this feature is evenly toned out.

Group picture(Without bokeh): If we try out the group portrait mode without bokeh feature, the brightness in Galaxy S10 is not as bright when we used in bokeh mode, but still looks pleasantly bright.

In Pixel, the brightness is completely decreased and the picture or image quality is not up to the mark.

The colours are completely saturated and give a dull and boring look on the object. The saturation is not done in Galaxy and here you can find better quality in Galaxy.

But the clarity is not top-notch in both the phones.

Selfie: This is the most important feature that we buy smartphones for, to take a better image ourselves.

The selfie camera that is front camera specifications is similar in both Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3.

The Galaxy phone has a depths sensor on the front camera that smoothes the face of the person taking selfies. 

The quality is great where the pixels are more than 10 MP in both the phones.

The Pixel 3 provides a detailed image of every faces in a selfie mode.

Whereas the Galaxy S10 makes the face to be brightened and smooth this makes it so pale. 

The background blur is perfect in both phones. 

As far as selfie mode, the Pixel 3 wins as it provides the image in a more natural way compared to the Galaxy S10.

Outdoor shot: This feature is important when we are travelling and want to take a picture outdoors.

The brighter colours are popped up highly by the Galaxy S10 whereas the Pixel produces the image as it is with higher quality.

The hues and saturation are made higher in Pixel 3 whereas the Galaxy perfectly matches these areas with brightness.

The zooming quality in Galaxy S10 is pretty good with high quality and it does not match the same in Pixel 3. So Samsung Galaxy S10 wins the outdoor light shots.

Low-light shot: The low light feature that has t be taken during early evenings is good in Pixel.

The Galaxy S10 has an AI called Bright Night that helps in optimizing the scene during dark or low-light modes.

On the other hand, Pixel 3 Night sight mode results are straight forward with the best pictures.

The S10 images are bright and the entire scene is different as a dark room will be shown extremely bright.

But Pixel increases the light where it is necessary which makes it perfect for the low-light situations.

Indoor shot: If looked without any comparison, for the first sight, the Samsung Galaxy S10 looks better at indoor shots.

It is extremely presentable with accurate shadows but if you zoom in the image, the quality of Pixel 3 takes over.

The white balance completely varies in the images taken from both the phones. So the Google Pixel 3 wins the photo shots taken indoors.

These are the various comparisons of the features of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3. 

On the whole, Pixel 3 seems to be more versatile compared to Galaxy S10.

The Pixel 3 wins over in many conditions like low-light, darker backgrounds, and indoor shots.

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