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Upload Powerpoint to Youtube


You may have gorgeous photo albums or business presentations created by PowerPoint that want to share online. but YouTube cannot accept any PowerPoint format, if you want to put Powerpoint to Youtube to view PowerPoint on YouTube. you need to convert PowerPoint presentation to video clips for YouTube. Well, there are two ways for you to make a reference.

Using Windows Movie Maker (WMM).
It’s free and it comes with Windows XP and Vista. Save your presentation slides as JEPG images and then you can import the images to WMM. then you can use windows movie maker to create slideshow/video that youtube accepts, it can help you make beautiful slideshow or video clip(e.g. mixing your songs with pictures/video,etc)…. then save it as video file such as wmv mp4 then upload it to youtube, But the disadvantage is the animations and sound synchronizations originally exist in your presentation will be discarded completely. If your presentation does not contain animations and transitions and sound, WMM is enough for you. But if not, here’s the second way for you.

2. PPT to Video converter – It is more convenient and easy to create compelling video presentations with PowerPoint to YouTube with this little creature.

Step 1: Free Download PPT to Video Converter and install it.

Step 2: Click “Import file” button to load PowerPoint files

Step 3: Click “Format” box to set the output formats, you can choose MP4 or WMV format

Step4: Click “Start” button to start converting.

Step5: Upload your video PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube

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